My Only Hope

All your armies
All your fighters
All your tanks
And all your soldiers
Against a boy
Holding a stone 
Standing there all alone
In his eyes I see the sun
In his smile
You can see the moon 
He longs for his mother bread
And her mother coffee

Father and mother told him
There's no reason for fright 
This country is his home
Its safety is its own

Hearing a rapid beating of a heart .
They call his name, chocking on tears
The light is pouring on them 
They say 'good night'
He shut his eyes
Hoping to wake and find a new day

And I wonder
I only wonder
Who is weak 
And Who is strong
Who is right and who is wrong

Our land is small
Just like us small
Give us peace
Give us our childhood

My only wish
Let the truth have the tongue

Yours truly , 


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