SPM Had Ended . Now , What To Do ?

Hi ! 

It had been a long time since I stopped blogging . Spider webs are at the ceiling . The black dust covers the windows , furniture and floor . ( I am imagining myself walking in an abandoned house 😂) . But really , this blog had been abandoned for a long long long time . Everything seems so unattractive. As the widgets can't be used anymore , it seriously will give bad impression to anyone that steps in . Huhu , the SCM player then plays song so outdated . Haha . Maybe before I wanted readers to get the childish mood as I had , so that I tried to cheer them with barbie songs . But now , for this 17-reaching-18 girl , the songs are unacceptable . ( Congrats rasyi you are growing ! *flipshawl* )

Then , talking about the decoration ... Haha . The fictional castle wallpaper is no more suitable . Because I want to change the mood of the blog . Yes , as well as my writing mood (more matured this time ) . And maybe .. I have to change the name of this blog . *Neurologistgebugebu* should I change it into something else ? However , no idea knocks my brain yet . So , soon maybe , the name will no longer exist .. HAHAHAHA ( am I too cruel , today )

So here I am , with broom , feather duster and mop will tidy up this blog . Updating here and there ; changing the background and fonts , painting the blog with new colours , clearing up the useless widgets , deleting the SCM player and make new one in order to create a new look to this blog . (Pray for me 😅) Actually , I am imagining myself during the weekly inspection in hostel . Haha .. I hate the routine like so so muchhhhhhhh !

More entry after this , ehehehe 😘

Your beautiful not-so-cinder rasyi ❤
(I put my picture here if in case if anyone misses me 😋 )


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